Forms PEL

CMR.PEL.FORM.022 Base Training Evaluation04/03/2016
CMR.PEL.FORM.015 Application for the licence, rating, student licence for air traffic controller02/04/2015
CMR.PEL.FORM.021 Application for the Approval of a Training Organisation02/04/2015
CMR.PEL.FORM.033 Validation des droits acquis Personnel en cours de qualification19/03/2015
CMR.PEL.FORM.032 Validation des droits acquis Personnel Eligible ou Habilités APRS19/03/2015
CMR.PEL.FORM.030 Issuance/Endorsment/Extension/Renewal/Duplicate of Aircraft Maintenance Licence19/03/2015
CMR.FORM.020 Skill Test / Proficiency Check Form11/03/2015
CMR.PEL.FORM.012 Application for Pilot Examiner approval25/09/2014
CMR.PEL.FORM.008 Issuance, Renewal or Extension of an English Language Proficiency Certificate10/01/2014
CMR.PEL.FORM.006 Registration for a Theoretical Examination10/01/2014
CMR.PEL.FORM.003 Endorsement, Renewal or Extension of a Rating10/01/2014
CMR.PEL.FORM.002 Issuance of a License by Equivalence10/01/2014
CMR.PEL.FORM.001 Application for the Validation of a Foreign License10/01/2014