Procedures OPS

DSA.COA.PRO.0112 relative à l approbation des contrats de location d aéronef04/02/2021
DSA.AOC.MAN.003 Minimum Equipement List Policy and Procedures Manual17/03/2015
JTA.OPS 2.014: Approve an Operator's Exit Row Seating Program01/04/2014
JTA.OPS 2.001: Certification Phase 1: Pre-Application Phase. (Gate 1)06/03/2014
JTA.OPS 2.010: Approve a Flight Crew Training Program24/02/2014
JTA.OPS 2.009: Evaluate a General Operations Manual (Operations Manual part A)12/02/2014
JTA.OPS 2.008: Evaluate an Air Operator Compliance Statement12/02/2014
JTA.OPS 2.005: Certification Phase 512/02/2014
JTA.OPS 2.004: Certification Phase 4: Demonstration and Inspection phase(Gate 3)12/02/2014
JTA.OPS 2.003: Certification Phase 3: Document Compliance Phase12/02/2014
JTA.OPS 2.002: Certification phase 2: Formal Application Phase(Gate 2)12/02/2014